Sheer Maxi Dress ~ Generalpants ,  Sheer Button Up ~ Topshop ,  Sheer Sleeveless ~ Modcloth 

Low back tank dress ~ American Apparel , Mesh Tights ~ OAKNYC , Lace Dress ~ American Apparel

Sheer Skirt ~ Topshop ,  Sheer Striped Shirt ~ Topshop ,  Sheer T-Shirt Dress ~ Generalpants

Sheer Lovliness!!! I have a SERIOUS crush on sheer pieces these days...also sequins and sparkly things but I'll tell you about those obsessions another time.  Sheer pieces turn a lackluster outfit into something smashing in 2 seconds flat (...well for me they do :)).  I honestly just love the fact that you can be as risque as you would like to be, while being totally covered up.  Those two American Apparel pieces, the Oak tights and the Topshop striped sleeveless are DEFINITELY on my shopping list!


  1. brittany6.8.11

    was told to follow this blog from my friend and glad I did i love the sheer look as well what do you think of tweed

  2. Thank you Brittany!! :) To be honest I don't have anything tweed in my wardrobe but for fall/winter I think I might change that...

  3. Love this colletion. :)


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